The CORE++ project

CORE++ project

The last event we participated as CORE++ project was DySPAN 2017, Baltimore, US. We had nice time presenting the latest paper and SAS demonstrator with Carrier Aggregation in the venue.

We also won Best Demo Award, thanks to all who voted us!. Here are some details:

The CORE++ project is ending by March 2017. The research team continues with CORNET - Critical Operations over Regular Networks and 5G Test Network projects which are both funded by Tekes and a large industry consortium.

CORE++ project studied the influence of new spectrum sharing concepts on the mobile communications networks and the required new testing solutions from business, regulation, and technology perspectives and trial selected algorithms and concepts.

The project build upon the trial environment developed in the preceding CORE/CORE+ projects in 2011-2014 to develop cross-industry end-to-end ecosystem trials of the new concepts/methods and to present the results to research, regulation and business domains.

CORE++ project themes included "Rapidly Deployable Network Concept with Licensed Shared Access System“, "Active Antenna Systems" and “Field Trial of Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) / Spectrum Access System (SAS)”.

The evolution of trialling activities in CORE, CORE+ and CORE++ projects in 2013-2017

The Tekes project Cognitive Radio Trial Environment + (CORE+, 2013-2014) which further developed the CORE trial environments and showcased the world’s first live LSA trials in 2013. The project showed several consecutive LSA trials in Europe, US and Asia, and had a pioneering role in the development of the new LSA concept with up to 20 scientific publications and communication of the results to regulation and standardization fora.The project also conducted Active Antenna System (AAS) field tests, co-primary spectrum sharing trials, business studies and contributed to spectrum regulation.


  • The SAS trials continued in 2016 as the specifications were updated by Wireless Innovation Forum. The latest demonstration shows using LTE-A carried aggregation on SAS 3.5GHz band for additional capacity to LTE network.
  • In 2015 CORE++ project presented the first live trial of the US Spectrum Access System (SAS/CBRS).
  • The LSA trial environment is demostrated at VTT 26th of February, 2015. Get CORE+ LSA work summary and references from here
  • 3-4 December 2014. ETSI RSS workshop in France demonstrated personal video incumbent and its protection by evacuating macro and small cells when needed in mobile LSA scenario.
  • 9-12 September 2014. LSA performance was measured for both single sector evacuation and emergency evacuation (5 sectors). Results are reported in The ninth meeting of ECC PT FM52 on LSA trials in Amersfoort, the Netherlands.
  • June 11-13 LSA Show in Mobile Asia Expo, GSMA Asia in Venue of Expo-Comm, Shanghai. LSA Trial demonstration.
  • LSA Demo posters
  • June 9-10 2014 LSA Show in GTI Workshop, Sheraton Pudong Hotel, Shanghai. LSA Trial demonstration.
  • June 2-4 2014: LSA papers and demonstration CrownCom 2014 conference in Oulu, Finland
  • April 2014. LSA papers and demonstration stand in DySPAN, McLean, VA USA.

  • 3.9.2013 LSA Trial Workshop. Helsinki, Finland.
    CORE+ project demonstrated the LSA spectrum sharing trial with a real incumbent data, LSA Repository, a real 4G/LTE base station and LTE core network.
  • 25.4.2013 CORE+ project demonstrated the World’s first spectrum sharing trial based on LSA concept with 4G/LTE.

CORE: VTT, University of Oulu and Centria have participated in the Tekes project Cognitive Radio Trial Environment (CORE, 2011-2012) which developed trial environments for cognitive radio systems (CRSs) by introducing CRS features to the research facilities provided by the research partners. Project contributed significantly to international spectrum regulation to promote specrum sharing at International Telecommunication Union Radiocommunication sector (ITU-R). Project also investigated to business aspects including scenarios and business models.

About the CORE+ project

Project name: Cognitive radio trial environment+
Project's short name: CORE+
Project number: 81837 (VTT)
Duration 2 years, 2013-2014

We aim to

More information on CORE+ project:

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Senior Scientist, Pekka Aho,
tel. +358 40 849 9525