You can download the following examples of CORE+ clients.

Guidelines for using the CORE trial environment.

  • How to download and install CORE cognitive engine
  • CORE client examples with documentation.

You will need a Java 7 environment to execute the examples.

HelloWorld example is just a few lines. HelloWorld application is able to sent a single message to the Cognitive Engine.

Download a HelloWorld example (ZIP)

Example core client shows more features and is able to receive data and provides three adjustment commands for the CORE+ Cognitive Engine.

Download more advanced CORE+ client example (ZIP)

Both files have a detailed readme file for configuration options.

Download the CORE+ Cognitive Engine (ZIP)

The CORE+ cognitive engine requires Apache Tomcat.

Download the CORE+ Cognitive Manager (ZIP)

The CORE+ Cognitive Manager requires a Java 7 environment.

More details about running the examples.