CORE+ intelligent control solutions for networks and radios

The cognitive cycle show basic operations of the cognitive radio systems.

The CORE cognitive trial environment implements functions such as obtaining knowledge, making decisions and reconfiguration adjustments on the system under cognitive control. The learning function is supported by allowing the end user to modify the decision making and monitor the CORE cognitive trial environment.

The CORE cognitive trial environment provides the following tools:

For obtaining knowledge from external system

  • CORE Client tools concept
  • CORE Cognitive API

For decision making

  • CORE Cognitive Engine
  • Rule-based decision algorithm
  • CORE Trial Environment User Interface
  • CORE Cognitive Manager

For making adjustments to external system

  • CORE Client tools


By using CORE+ tools it is relatively easy to connect together two systems that are not communication with each other.

In the demonstrated ASA trials 1 and 2, The CORE+ system was used to connect together ASA Repository (a database) and a LTE base station.

The information read from the database was used to control the behavior of the LTE base station without making changes to the two systems. Instead a CORE+ client tools were developed for the interfaces provided by the the database and the LTE base station.

The CORE+ client tools collected data from the two systems and exposed an activity the CORE+ cognitive engine can initiate. The collected data is used for decisions when the activity is initiated.