Licensed Shared Access (LSA)

Finnish LSA field trials

The LSA Trial 5 was presented in public during ETSI RRS Workshop in France, December 2014.

The LSA Trial 2.1 was presented in ECC regulatory meeting in Helsinki 1st of July 2015. The main theme in LSA Trial 2.1 was to support a moving incumbent in the Ylivieska LSA license area.

The LSA Trial 2.2 introduced the first time LSA controller implemented as Self-Organizing Network (SON) solution fully integrated into commercial Operational Support System’s (OSS) for managing the network. LSA Controller was implemented by Nokia in the parallel industry project.

CORE++ contributed to the LSA Trial 2.2 by providing the trial environment with LTE network configuration from Centria, LSA repository and Incumbent tools from TUAS, Android end user tool and CORE++ platform from VTT and LSA Visualisation tool from CWC.

The 4G/LTE LSA trial environment consist of

  • Four TD-LTE basestations at 2.3GHz LSA band. Three of base stations have total of five sectors and one basestation have an omni-antenna for a small cell scenario. Network also consists of two FDD-LTE base stations at 2.1GHz band with four sectors as a main LTE network. Base stations are NSN P8 software release including handover between FDD-TD LTE, graceful shutdown, and load balansing.
  • Commercial terminals supporting TD-FDD handover
  • Multiple 3G/WCDMA base stations at 2.1GHz band
  • LSA Controller (from VTT)
  • LSA Repository (from FairSpectrum and WISE2 project)
  • Commercial LTE core network and LTE management system (NetAct) from NSN
  • LSA Network Visualisation (from CWC)

4G/LTE LSA trial environment in Ylivieska offers a radio network for use to third parties. Possible applications include: terminal testing, Cognitive radio solution testing in TD FDD dualmode LTE network, test equipment development such as handover testing.

The following presentation highlights the LSA live trials, so far...

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Check this screen recording from the live LSA trial, it shows multi-sector evacuations with different incumbent types.

More information on CORE+ project:

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